MMT Development Team

The Might & Magic Tribute development team is a group of die-hard M&M fans who decided that since 3DO were unlikely to be in a position to provide a new edition in the series, they would produce a "tribute" game as a homage to the original New World Computing games. Now that Ubisoft have acquired the rights to the Might & Magic franchise we hope that a new edition in the M&M series will appear one day. Until then, we are trying to help keep interest in the Might & Magic series alive and hopefully produce something that will be enjoyed by all M&M fans...

Want to help? If you are interested in making MMTribute a reality, please check the wiki for available tasks.

Team Members

Role: Project Lead, Lead Game Designer, Lead Programmer, Wiki and Forum Administrator
Date joined: July 19, 2003
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Inactive and Former Team Members
Alek (2D artist, web designer, forum moderator), Apus Arvandulin (3D modeller, 2D artist), Arturchix (game designer, forum moderator), Axehandle (programmer), Baleminotu (level designer), Blackcoatman (sound engineer), Christian Noir Stein (3D modeller), Eiduk (level designer, programmer), Fander Treespook (game designer), Gizzzmo (2D artist, concept artist), Hipshot (level designer), Howard (game designer), Jetmouse (2D artist, concept artist), Kozioo (3D modeller), Knight of Chaos (level designer, programmer), Kyberkisu (2D artist), Ladob (game designer), Michael (3D modeller), Oren (music composer, programmer), Redshoby (3D modeller, 2D artist, game designer), Reto (programmer, 3d modeller, animator, level designer), Sagremor (3D modeller, 2D artist, concept artist), Sandro (3D modeller, 2D artist), Shin-Akuma (3D modeller, 2D artist), Sir Felgar (co-producer, project lead, lead programmer), Sir Galrim (game designer), Sorknes (2D artist, concept artist), Stygius (programmer, level designer, 3D modeller, 2D artist), Taylor_Mouse (3D modeller), Timbecile (Might and Magic advisor), Ugh (3D modeller, level designer), Veenan (concept artist), Wveird (3d modeller, level designer), Xeonx (Visual3D)
Dropped-out Recruits
Belgarath TAO (level designer), Cephenus (writer, game designer), Daelius Praal (programmer), DaveO (game designer), Dim (2D artist), Grooveholmes (2D artist, 3D modeller), Hamled (programmer), Ingot (level designer), Jiaozi (programmer), Klaravoyia (game designer), Kru (3D modeller), Loon (game designer, programmer), Nas-T (3D modeller, animator), Peter2 (game designer), Ravenhawk (sound engineer), Rustavius (level designer), Schveider (2d artist), Sinbad (3d modeller), Stefan (3D modeller, animator, programmer), Xanax (programmer)

Might & Magic is a registered trademark of Ubisoft. Might & Magic Tribute is NOT connected with, produced, endorsed or supported by Ubisoft in any way. Might & Magic Tribute is a fan-made freeware game that is a tribute to the Might & Magic series originally produced by New World Computing. Our intention is to help keep interest in the Might & Magic series alive until such time as Ubisoft will hopefully be in a position to produce a new installment in the series.