This page contains technical information about the Might & Magic Tribute game. It includes information about the engine we're using, the tools we've created to help us make the game, the possibility of modifying the game’s content and any 3rd-party software we're using.

MMT Engine

The Might & Magic Tribute game is coded in C#. The rendering engine will be based on MrcioSoft's XNA.

The engine used in the Tech Demo was coded using Blitz3D and was initially used as a template for creating the game engine. However, the new MMT engine will need to be more powerful and more flexible.

Game Modification

We are planning to make MMTribute mostly data- and script-driven, to maximize the possibilities for customizing and modding. A dialogue format has been developed that can be used in all kinds of applications.

3rd-Party Tools

Our developers are working on a level editor for surface maps. They also use a number of third-party tools for content creation. These include:


Microsoft's Visual C# 2008 Express Edition : Programming language

Bepu's physics engine : Supports the physics for the XNA engine


AutoDesk 3dS Max : For creation of 3d models for use in game

Poser : For rendering of character graphics (monster and NPC)

Ultimate Unwrap : For conversion between various model formats and UV mapping


Adobe Photoshop : For 2D artwork and texture creation

Corel PaintShop Pro : For 2d artwork and texture creation

Level Design

GtkRadiant : For indoor level creation

Cartography Shop 4.0 : For indoor level creation


Steinberg Cubase (with VST) : For music composition

Might & Magic is a registered trademark of Ubisoft. Might & Magic Tribute is NOT connected with, produced, endorsed or supported by Ubisoft in any way. Might & Magic Tribute is a fan-made freeware game that is a tribute to the Might & Magic series originally produced by New World Computing. Our intention is to help keep interest in the Might & Magic series alive until such time as Ubisoft will hopefully be in a position to produce a new installment in the series.